catching your tale, one hour workshop in Edinburgh 22nd of November 2017

This is the words from the Melting Pot´s web page:  "We tell stories every day. Whether meeting with colleagues, pitching to clients or chatting with friends, telling the right story helps us connect and communicate well. Svend-Erik Engh is a storyteller by trade. In this workshop, he will introduce us to the basic rules of oral storytelling and help us develop stories that best communicate the value of our ideas. The right story can build the bridge between now, and a future with your idea in it. Stop chasing your tale, come along to this TMPEvent and get your elevator pitch nailed!"
Step 1:  I have my stories as images on my fingers. Thumb: Introduce and give informations - Where? When? Who? Index: Introduce theme and if there is helper, tell us about her or him Middle: Turningpoint of the story, battle against evil,  Ring: The last battle, here the helper and the hero/ine shows us, why they are together about defeating the dragon/troll/giant Pinky: The final triumph, how …